Founded in 1996, MindVision Interactive Pty Ltd has provided digital solutions to countless organisations throughout Australia and overseas be they interactive CDROMs in the mid 90’s through to substantial online systems supporting businesses with over 60,000 users and revenues exceeding 30 million.

Over past 20 years of providing line-of-business digital solutions for not-for-profit enterprises and startup organisations our success has been carved through consistent application of a handful of basic principles:

Our relationship with you is a partnership

MindVision recognises and appreciates the fact that our success is 100% dependent on your success.We take the time to understand your business, vision, dreams and aspirations and to embody this in the solutions that we produce.

It is only by hearing to your requirements and challenges over the life of
our relationship that we are able to adapt to the ever changing demands of the world within which your business exists.

Successful partnerships require compromise

Whilst your vision may be unwavering, the road to achieving it may have unanticipated twists and turns.MindVision’s iterative development methodology places you in control of the development, its direction and the deliverables with the ability to refocus the development as necessary to deal with changing market conditions and requirements.

Partnerships are enduring, but not always plain sailing

We have nurtured a large number of partnerships and are proud to boast that over 90% of these partnerships continue today with some of these more than 20 years young.With a world in constant change, many federal/state government elections, a bust and a global financial crisis we understand that for our relationship to survive we need flexibility and empathy.

We have worked with our partners through all manner of business and personal challenges through open and honest communication and facing the brutal facts relating to the external environment our partnership is operating in.